Who Knew Big Brother would Turn out to Be Big Sister!

Why did it take so long to have a woman lead an intelligence agency?

Seems like a perfect fit: This month, Letitia A. Long become the first woman to lead one of the United States’ 16 major intelligence agencies as director of the the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency!

According to the website, “NGA is a Department of Defense combat support agency and a member of the national Intelligence Community. The agency’s mission is to provide geospatial intelligence, which is the exploitation of satellite or airborne images, fused with other intelligence and geospatial information like mapping, charting and geodesy, to help warfighters and national decision makers visualize what they need to know. NGA is the nation’s eyes.” – [this is their press release, “nation’s eyes?” Who knew Big Brother would really be Big Sister?!]

“Noted guest speaker Secretary of Defense Dr. Robert M. Gates, “The impact this organization has on our nation and our men and women in uniform is real and profound. Apart from a critical role in our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, in recent months NGA has also been working with other departments to provide a common operating picture in Haiti following the earthquake there, track the oil spill in the Gulf and monitored the ash clouds from the volcano in Iceland, just to name three.” I wonder if they just watched me type this post?- NGA



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