Hello? Is anyone there? I want to talk to you about the U.S. Soldiers. Hello?

[Intentionally Left Blank]




3 Responses

  1. Your message is rather vague. What do you need help with? I believe most of us support our troops and want the best for them.

    • I believed that, too. Recently, I tried to get people on board helping me with the Children of Fallen Patriots, providing scholarships for children whose parent lost their life fighting for us. It’s not just about the money. How about a car wash ‘ “Too busy,” “just paid my taxes,” “no thanks.” I called both Senators from Georgia since there is an event coming up in Atlanta,”busy that night.” One said they would send someone, but they said they would not buy a ticket. “We don’t have to pay when we attend these things.” “That’s a lot of money.” Yet, they will pay thousands to donate to fellow Republican and Democrat politicians to get them reelected. They have no problem sending them to war.

      My boss wrote an article for a media business magazine. At the end, he put in a note about the soldiers. “Please think of them. I don’t hear a lot about them anymore.” That part of his article was deleted. “Not the right forum.” Yes, I know people will say they care, but no one wants to hear about it anymore. I get more traffic on my blog when I mention Sarah Palin, than a soldier. Ask someone, what they’ve done lately for a soldier, what about the family who no longer has a father or mother. Ask how many U.S. Soldiers have died to date in Iraq and Afghanistan. The past two weeks have been extremely deadly weeks for our men and women and Obama says it’s over.

      Trust me Marie, try to get someone motivated to help a soldier and you’ll get ambivalence. Ask what soemone thinks about the mosque in New York you’ll get an earful and if you’re raising money to help get rid of the mosque, I’ll bet you’ll get a quick check.

  2. wow.people really need to get involved with helping the soldiers. They are the ones saving our lives in Iraq. We should thank them with the children of the fallen patriots. We need to help them with saving their lives. Just think…..what would yousay to the person who saved your life? policeman, fireman? they are saving our lives silently and alot of them die every day. Please Help!!!

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