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My daughter’s sixth grade class participates in an annual tradition in her school called “The Wax Museum.”  The children choose a person/character they would like to represent, and then dress up during a special day in which the entire school participates.  My daughter’s first choice was Massie, the Queen Bee of a prep school in the Clique book series by Lisi Harrison.  Then she decided perhaps Dawn Wells, Mary Anne from Gilligan’s Island was a better choice until she Googled her and learned about her reckless driving arrest, et al.

“What about Sandra Day O’Connor, first woman on the U.S. Supreme Court?” I asked.


“Mother Teresa?”


“Susan B. Anthony?  You can be handcuffed and be her when she tried to vote.”


“Helen Keller?”


“Kathrine Switzer, the first women to register and run in the all male Boston Marathon in 1967?  You can wear a jogging suit with your number half way ripped off like it was on the day she ran when the race director tried to pull it off.


“Margaret Thatcher?  You can use your British accent.”

“No.  Tell me some women around today,” she asked.

“Hilary Clinton?”

What was so distressing is watching her dejected face each time I suggested a great woman.  Clearly, no feeling of pride for what women endured and eventually overcame.  Finally, I convinced her that Jackie Kennedy was a grand choice, “She redecorated the White House; she was lovely and glamorous; and she became a book editor after her husband died.”

When I polled her friends on their choices, I was told – Laura Ingalls (young life), Laura Ingalls Wilder (older), Queen Elizabeth, I don’t know, JK Rowling, Snape (male character in Rowling’s Harry Potter series – don’t ask), and Annie Oakley.   That’s the best we’ve got for our girls, two girls sharing Laura Ingalls Wilder?  She’s a great choice, but where are the contemporary role models?

The Washington Post printed an article in February of this year suggesting great movies for girls with positive role models – A League of Their Own (not bad), Miss Congeniality (huh?), Fly Away Home and Whale Rider. Really? That’s the best we have to offer our girls?

Not surprisingly, kids (including mine) watch far too much television.  This article suggests, “One report indicates that for girls ages 12 – 17 years old, 3 out of 4 of their favorite television shows were reality TV shows.”

I think the only clear choice for us moms is to torture our children with one story a week about a woman who did the unthinkable, solved the unsolvable, reached the unreachable and put her stake into the big mountain of I DID IT!

And maybe, just maybe they will understand what it means to really want something so badly that attaining it may just diminish their personal bank of character, will and reputation. Let’s hope that our girls will some day learn that the reward for of one’s hard work is more than money. Daughters of the 21st Century are going to be shocked to find that some things just can’t bought, instead the price is much higher and often much more difficult to spend.



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Don’t Miss Tonight’s Show: BlogTalkRadio

Can wearing high heels boost your sex life? Is our government going broke? Frenemies: Sarah Palin vs. Megan McCain – not sure I care about either one of them – you?

Don’t miss the Roundtable tonight at 7pm Eastern – Call in:(347) 857-2102


Can Human Rights Abuses Mean Better Jobs for Women?

Is there a correlation between human rights abuses and women succeeding in the workplace?  One would think not, but consider the recent Newsweek article, The Women Who Want to Run the World.   What do we know about China?  It’s ruled by the Communist Party of China, censors radio and television, kills protesters, has an ongoing dispute with the Dalai Lama (perhaps the most peaceful man on the planet) and just a few years ago the Paramilitary police fired on monks and nuns who were marching in support of the Dalai Lama’s return to Tibet.

But…they promote women in the workplace.  In fact, according to the article 31 percent of women in China are executives compared to 20 percent in America.  And,  “half of the 14 female billionaires on Forbes’s 2010 list of the world’s wealthiest people were from mainland China.”

The story cites a study done by the Center for Work-Life Policy that found only 33 percent of college educated American women consider themselves ambitious compared to 66 percent of Chinese women.   In the work place, more than 75 percent of Chinese women are corporate executives compared to just over 50 percent of American women.

How is this possible?  In America, we are free to speak, organize, and even challenge the government.  But, in the U.S. only about 17 percent of Congress is made up of women compared to China’s 21 percent.

How can human rights abuses go on in a country with so many women leaders?  Do I need to rethink my theory on what would happen if women ruled the world?

Sign me
Stunned & Confused


Fistfight in the Delivery Room: No it isn’t the Mother

“Operating Room Fistfight Leads to Botched Delivery,” – When I first read this AP headline I thought for sure the woman in labor had to be involved.  Delivering a child is definitely not for the faint of heart (I’m mostly referring for the father).  As we women create a life over 40 weeks, letting our body take on a shape of its own and then enduring excruciating pain for our baby to to emerge out of an opening that is only 10 centimeters (just under four inches), a fistfight is sure to break out, but between doctors?!

“Health officials and Salpietro’s husband, Matteo Molonia, say the two doctors disagreed about whether to perform a Caesarean section and came to blows while Salpietro was in labor. Molonia says the fight delayed the C-section by over an hour, leading to complications for mother and son.” – AP Story

It seems the private doctor (the woman’s physician) had a disagreement with the public doctor (attending at the hospital) causing a delay of more than an hour and the baby suffered.  Perhaps it just came down to money and nothing good ever comes from that.


FROM THE VAULT: April 19, 1967 Woman Uses Chicanery to Register in All Male Boston Marathon

“Get the hell out of my race and give me that number.”- Jock Semple, Boston Marathon race director as he tried to run down Kathrine Switzer in 1967 to rip off her official number. Switzer became the first women to enter the Boston Marathon. For several years, another woman, Roberta Gibb, ran in the race, but did not dare register. For Kathrine’s part, she registered only as K. Switzer and had a male friend pick up her number.

Photo credit: Harry Trask for AP Images

When Semple was notified of the woman in the race, he jumped from the truck he was riding in and ran after her to get the number off her back. Switzer’s boyfriend knocked him down and the two finished the race.

“I’m not o’poozed t’ women’s athletics,” says Jock, whose burr remains almost as thick as it was the day in 1923 when he left Clydebank for America. Indeed, he has donated trophies to women’s races. “But we’re taught t’ respect laws—t’ respect rules. The amateur rules here say a woman can’t run more th’n a mile and a half. I’m in favor of makin’ their races longer, but they doon’t belong with men. They doon’t belong runnin’ with Jim Ryun. You wouldn’t like to see a woman runnin’ with Jim Ryun, wouldya?” source: Sports Illustrated April 22, 1968

The Associated Press photo was seen around the world. And yet, it would take another FIVE years to officially allow women to participate. Today, more than 40 percent of the runners are women.


[We're]"not suggesting in any way that Sen. Murkowski is prostituting herself."

I’m great at riddles. Let’s see, “What’s the difference between selling out your party’s values and the oldest profession?” Hmmm…this tricky tweet was posted on Joe Miller’s Twitter page (Senate hopeful from Alaska)  and then linked to an article written by Caroline May in the The Daily Caller entitled “Libertarians Weigh Murkowski Run.”

Ok, “oldest profession,” “selling out,” and then a link to a story about Murkowski jumping over to the Libertarian camp if she fails to win the Republican primary. Let’s see, OMG, I think they are suggesting, WE ARE NOT SUGGESTING IN ANY WAY THAT SENATOR MURKOWSKI IS PROSTITUTING HERSELF,” – Miller spokesperson Randy DeSoto. Wow, now I’m stumped.

“A spokesman for Miller’s campaign said a staffer had written the message, but the reference to prostitution was aimed at the Libertarian Party and not Murkowski.” – CNN article

Women always hear things the wrong way – “Mr. Miller owes all Alaskans, women and my family an apology.” – Senator Lisa Murkowski.

The “staffer,” who apparently has been given the authority to speak on Miller’s behalf through tweets sent to Miller’s more than 2600 followers, has been misunderstood.  How many times does Miller’s office have to say that the tweet had nothing to do with Murkowski.  Just forget the link for a second, now where in the tweet does it say Murkowski.  Case closed.  Just kidding.  The case is so wide open Miller can stick his foot in it.

Thankfully, Miller’s camp has a highly technical IT person who deleted the tweet.  Whew!  Good thing.  Now no one will ever be able to find it.

source: CNN - Political Ticker Blog - Jeff Simon